About Matias


Matias Lanzi began studies in music at the age of 7 playing piano and conducting studies in composition, harmony and orchestration. Fascinated by technology and electronics, he turned to synthesizers, sequencers and computers to create music, sound and visual content. He attended Berklee College of Music majoring in Commercial Arranging.

After working in Mexico as an engineer, IT Integrator for Digidesign (now Avid), he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, audio and video production; designing, operating and building music and postproduction studios systems and solutions.

Matias recorded, engineered and produced more than 100 Spanish albums, some reaching platinum and quadruple platinum in sales. In the post-production realm he sound designed, engineered, composed and mixed feature films, TV and radio commercials for both General and the Hispanic market; some being recipients of Promax, Beldin @dePlata and Gold and Silver Addys.

Founder, designer and integrator of Purepost, Inc. an audio and video post-production facility operating in Santa Monica, CA. He moved to Houston, TX in 2009 comissioned with the design, built, integration and operation of a full service audio and video boutique for Lopez Negrete Communications.

Currently Director of Multimedia Services at Orci


Studio design

This is one of my favorite things to do, I am a tinker, a maker, a hacker, I build stuff, hence designing a studio encompases must of the things I love to do. I have designed, integrated, wired or expanded several studios in the course of my career. Here is a short list

  • Zapboombang Studios, Houston
  • Black Elbow, LA (Beto Cuevas, La Ley)
  • AZ Productions, Hollywood
  • Muse Cordero Chen And Partners, Hollywood
  • Latte Mix, Santa Monica
  • Framework Editorial, Westwood
  • Blue Light Productions, Boston
  • Hot Tin Roof, No Ho



Sound Design - Recording - Mix

I started my career as an audio engineer and musician with one of the most amazing mentors one could ever hope for, BBC's engineer Bryan Stott. My fascination with sound pushed me to sound design aural environments for games, movies and commercials. I also recorded and mixed innumerable records for producers and artists some reaching Gold and Platinum awards when sales were a thing.
After working for Digidesing as support and localization engineer, I became very proficient with ProTools, but I also work with Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, SunVox and any other kind of software or hardware that allows me to make noise.


Editor / Post-producer

I've always been fascinated by story telling, I am happy when I can tell a compelling simple story in my radio commercials in 30 or 60 seconds. I paint with sound what the eyes can't see. Then I discovered the magic of video editing.
Images, color and transitions add much more to my bag of tricks, now it is complete. The ability to edit picture and sound design makes for tighter concept and in the end the best product possible.
Then compositing and finishing puts the cherry on the cake.



I've arranged and produced records as well as innumerable jingles, music beds and signature sounds for commercials.
At age 16, I had the honor of attending Berklee College Of Music for 2 years, and although I didn't graduate, the knowledge and experience I obtained was priceless.
It is a pleasure producing when you work with the best musicians and talent in the world.



Programming is a fascination of mine, I remember always running my programs on my Commodore 64 as a kid. It was fun to push the little machine to its limits and output amazing things.
The Commodore 64 was my introduction to synthesis and we milked that SID sound chip like nobody did.
I write C/C++, Objective-C, C# java, javascript, jquery, and php. I like to think I am language agnostic, so I am not afraid to jump on a new one if the project requires it.
I have a couple of apps in the App Store and I write business automation systems.